Here’s A Hair Style For All Your Moods

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We’ve all been through waves where we are itching for something new, to escape the mundanity of daily life and are desperate for a complete transformation. Often for us ladies, the collateral damage of the war that’s happening inside our minds is our hair. Pakistani girls from a young age are told that a girl’s beauty lies in her hair but we are here to squash that myth. Hair doesn’t define your beauty, your peace of mind does. A happy woman is a beautiful woman, and if you ask us, your inner mood has to be in sync with your outer appearance for you to feel good. Don’t worry, we’ve done our homework and are ready to tell you what hairstyle meets your mood!

The Post-Breakup Mood

We’ve all been there – it’s simple math, breakup equals hair change. For a long haired girl suffering from breakup blues – cut off all those dead ends! A long bob is exactly what you need to feel like a new person. Plus, it’s super chic and timeless meaning it’ll always be on trend. For ladies who don’t want to be too daring, our advice is to get a fresh trim and dye your hair a different colour. You will still be you, but with a pop of colour.

The I-Want-Bangs-But-Don’t Mood

We know what a big commitment bangs are. Once you’ve got them, there is no going back! We’ve all scrolled through Instagram and taken a screenshot of some with beautiful bangs, wishing for the same – only to chicken out soon after. If you’re the same we’ve got a solution for you – layers! It’ll give you the same look, without being too overpowering. Plus its super stylish and looks great on any face shape.

The It’s-Too-Hot Mood

With Pakistan’s heat feeling like the depths of jhanum, we can’t be the only ones that in a fit of irritation wanted to chop it all off. Put down the scissors ladies, we have a solution for you. Length isn’t often the only thing that adds heat, it is also the colour. A lighter colour will help you feel light and airy this season. If that isn’t enough for you – get a bob cut. It’s both chic and weather-appropriate.

The I-Want-Change-But-Not-Too-Drastic Mood.

Change can be scary, and for our commitment phobic ladies it can be extremely stressful. We get it! For you ladies we suggest getting a dip dye or light highlights to test the waters. Baby steps! Take it slow, don’t rush it! You’ll know when you’re ready for more.

The I-Want-To-Be-Trendy Mood

Everyone wants to be trendy, but it can be hard to decipher what’s trendy and what’s not. Don’t fret – we’ve adopted the role of fairy godmother and are ready to tell you exactly what you need to get it right. Beachy waves are all the rage right now. It’s an easy look that gives the allusion of zero-effort. It’s the ultimate I-woke-up-like-this- look that girl craves, and it’s also the look to sport this summer.

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