How Mansha Pasha Is Empowering Women With Post-Partum Depression

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It’s throwback time here at Mashion HQ and today we’re pulling a video from Elaj’s archives. Two years ago, the phenomenal Mansha Pasha collaborated with Elaj Trust and wrote, directed and starred in a short film on Post-Partum Depression (PPD).

The film follows Mansha and her husband, portrayed by Fahad Mirza, through her pregnancy. Once the child is born though, Mansha’s character is distant and doesn’t seem to connect with the child. The film ends with a message on what post-partum depression is and how women are often criticized when they’re diagnosed with PPD.

If you haven’t seen the video, we highly recommend you check it out!

What is post-partum depression?

PPD is diagnosed as a mental disorder that women go through after childbirth. It’s a complex set of behavioral, emotional and physical changes that women experience due to the huge change in hormones they experience during labor and pregnancy. PPD can be treated, just as any other mental disorder, but the most important step is to recognize it and seek help.

It’s natural for a woman to feel a mix of emotions after giving birth and the most important thing she needs at that moment is support. Unconditional support from her partner, her family and her in-laws. In Pakistan, unfortunately, women who face PPD don’t realize what they’re even experiencing. Amidst all those confusing emotions, they are often criticized and taunted by their in-laws and sometimes even their husbands.

“Yeh bas bahanay hain.”

“Yeh tou maa bannay ke qaabil nahin hai.”

“Drama bund karo.”

These are some of the many taunts that women with PPD may hear, especially in Pakistan. This is when the husband should step in. Understand that your wife is going through something severe – it’s not that she wants to feel this way; she just does. The best form of support a husband can give his wife during this time is by being a good parent. Waking up to feed the child at night, changing the child’s diaper and putting the child to sleep. This is when your wife and child both need you the most.

And that’s exactly the kind of support Mansha Pasha and Fahad Mirza convey in the short film. At the end of the day,  the woman needs to know that it’ll all be okay.

What can we do?

Support, support, support! We cannot emphasize this enough. The last thing someone with PPD needs is to be completely alone in what they’re going through. But please remember, this will not just go away on its own. If you or someone you know is experiencing post-partum depression, please seek help. This too can be treated, like any other disorder, with the right support and an experienced psychologist.

We really commend Mansha and the entire team behind the video for spreading awareness of such an important and, sadly, stigmatized topic. Here’s hoping more influencers speak up about such issues and bring about some change!

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