5 Struggles Only Women Who Cannot Workout Will Understand

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We’re tired of being called lazy every time we flake out on going to the gym. It’s not a fair label, and it’s time to clear up the misnomer. We’re just wired differently – we’re gym-averse … and a little Netflix prone. Is it really that wrong? Would we judge people for preferring yoga over weight lifting? Or for preferring vanilla over chocolate?

There are women in the world that just don’t see the appeal in going to the gym every day. It’s loud, it’s sweaty, and more than a little exhausting. It’s a matter of preference. Some people aren’t born with the natural flexibility and stamina it takes to start working out. It’s not that we haven’t tried – we’ve done the Zumba classes, HIIT workouts and spin cycles. It’s that we’ve tried and failed, and now we have the grace to accept our flaws. We just can’t, and that’s okay!

We’re going to celebrate the new found freedom that comes with cancelling your gym membership. Brisk evening walks and diet plans it is! In a world ripe with fitness junkies, being a girl who just can’t work out is a real struggle. Let us know which of the five struggles below you relate to the most!

1. Walking Into the Gym Is Like Stepping Into Another World

Stepping into the gym is basically the same thing as stepping into Narnia, or Hogwarts – or more accurately, The Hunger Games. It’s an other worldly experience. The machines look like evil villains waiting with sharpened tools. You start to wonder if you’re really in the right place.

2. Those Stares You Get Are Super Awkward

Is it just us, or is staring an integral part of gym culture around the world? It’s not just other men at the gym. It’s other women and trainers too. It’s the awkward prolonged stare where you feel like you might know someone, or are obligated to say hello, but neither of you does. These are followed by the more embarrassing looks you get while working out, which make you ridiculously self-conscious. We’d rather sit that experience out at home, literally.

3. Forgetting Your Headphones Is A Nightmare

The only saving grace that comes with workouts is being able to power through it with your own pump up playlist. That is until you reach into your pockets and come up empty-handed. Forgetting your headphones at home is our worst nightmare – we might as well pack up and go home. There’s no way we’re lasting through a work out without music.

4. You Hate Sweating

It’s impossible to look good at the gym. There, we’ve said it. We bought the expensive work out tights and trainers and tried our best to keep our hair up in messy buns. No matter what we do, we always end up the same way: red in the face, sprawled out on an exercise mat, body soaked to the bone with sweat, and wishing we’d just stayed home. The cherry on top is the girls that actually manage to still somehow look angelic while sprinting on treadmills nearby.

5. Having Friends That Love The Gym

‘What are you doing after work?’
Friends: Gym!
‘Any plans for the weekend?’
Friends: Just the gym again!
‘Where are you?’
Friends: I’ll be a little late – I’m at the gym.

Sound familiar? We’re tired of having the same conversation too! It really makes us question our friendship.

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