Word of Mash: How To Ace The Art Of Small Talk

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Does the idea of walking into a party where you only know one person fill you with dread? If so, you’re not alone. Meeting brand new people and engaging in small talk can be painfully awkward for most of us. Think of deep conversation as a ladder, with small talk being the first few rungs – so to really know the person, you need to overcome the first few steps. Maintaining a casual back and forth doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so being able to fake it with ease requires some help. Scroll below for the best tips you guys sent in. 

Talking About The Weather Is Always Easy

Super cliche but commenting on the weather helps -@ted_wk

Start with easy and neutral stuff eg. weather discussion – @mrsfunshine

Talk about the weather.. Always works in England – @tash_em19

But some people have some strong opinions against it:

Never talk about the weather. EVER. -@nusairteli

But For The Most Part, Find Something In Common, And Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Instead of coming up with a topic, listen to the other person intently. A commonality emerges, naturally! -@ted_wk

Starting off by complimenting someone on what they’re wearing is a great way to break the ice! – @ted_wk

If you really want to engage someone, ask them what place they want to travel to and why _@mrsfunshine

Observation is key. Notice something about them and and start up the conversation.- @emanmonga

Start with a smile to break the ice then I would think of something common, even random stuff – @syrine_by_mabrouk

Be genuinely interested in listening and whatever you talk about – @ashi_ca

Talk about things you and person have in similar. School, friends, family, interests etc. -@xafeefa

Observe the person and go ahead with usual small talk -@wasalazainab

Stay silent until your words may serve in a productive manner. Meaningful convos only please! -@chocoholic_mess

Don’t overthink it. Be natural. Take a genuine interest in the people you are speaking to. – @sababmirza

Start convo where you ended last time with that person – @madihaism

Talk about family! -@theimankhan

Read a lot on different topics and expand your knowledge to make impressive conversations! -@mariamjavaidshah

Start by talking about the current scenarios in the vicinity or weather – @havenofsarah

Ask open ended questions – @hafsa.m.s

Fake It Till You Make It

Act as if you are excited and confident – @lambe_baalo_wali

Smile and seem easy going -@sarahkidwai

And if all else fails, just ask them this!

Chai peena hai, juice, coke, chips – @sindhi.1

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