Word Of Mash: How To Keep Your Nails Healthy

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We all want strong, smooth nails – but sometimes our fingernails aren’t as strong as we want them to be. The key to healthy nails is starting with the basics. Building a strong foundation for your nail polish will ensure the perfect manicure. While age and genetics play a huge role in chipped, ragged nails. Fine-tuning your nail care habits can transform your nails! Read through for some of the best advice you had for us!

Most of us prefer massaging some form of oil or moisturizer into our nails

Raw coconut oil – @sanaa.sultan

I apply nail polish once in a week clean my nails with toothpaste and massage them with almond oil – @glimmers666

Massage with coconut oil or any moisturizer at least once a week and make sure to let them breathe – @rubyzaidi

Castor oil to help strengthen nails and avoid dry cuticles – @channelingnatasha

Apply petroleum jelly on your nails leave it overnight it does wonders – @aiman_a_khan

Oiling cuticles – @theimankhan

A mixture of vitamin e oil capsule and coconut oil strengthens the nails and give them a beautiful shine – @aniqa_ayub

Argan oil – @honleymimkinghasf

I use olive oil on my nails once a week – @palwasha_malik_

Vitamin E tablets and oil – @farishtanawaz

I apply castor oil on my nails it gives extra shine – @yumnah.zahid

I use vaseline, it brings natural shine and strengthens cuticles – @zainab_asif2426

Simply moisturize your cuticles like 24/7 – @sadia.alvii

Use a hand cream so regularly – @imareshayzahra

Many recommend a more intensive nail care routine

Always carry a filer along, use it twice a week – @imareshayzahra

Trim them a little often – @izza_jaffery

File them regularly – @hafsarazzaq

Key to have healthy nails is to remove the cuticles every second day, it’s very helpful! – @aqsa_maqsood_baig

Clean them with an old toothbrush daily – @mahnoor_26

Trim and file them at least once a week – @aamna_bhatti

Avoid nail polish let your nails breathe, also stop chewing/biting them!!! – @breshmena_kh

Don’t let nail polish sit on them for more than 2 days – @hafsarazzaq

Nail hardener – @madihaism

Unsurprisingly, the most common home remedy involved using garlic

Garlic – @nahal.nasir

Rub garlic on nails to keep them strong – @bitto777

Rub garlic and then olive oil – @saima_munirr

Rub garlic on nails for strong nails – @ayesha_tanveer99

For faster growth, make a mixture of olive oil and garlic. Gross but you’ll thank me later! – @emanmonga

Garlic. They’re so good for your nails – @no0rulain_

While others swear by natural products

Rub a lemon slice on nails for strong and healthy beautiful shiny nails – @iamsanaaa

Milk and calcium – @sierra_myke

After cleaning with nail polish remover I use rose water to clean my nails – @jumaanasad_17

Beauty comes from within, so try some of these recommendations:

Have multivitamins daily and eat – @fashionstripped

Omega-3 fish capsules from GNC or any vitamin C pills – @paras_k_jumani

But the biggest takeaway?

DON’T BITE THEM – @sarahkazmi05

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