8 Types Of Ear Piercings That Can Instantly Upgrade Your Style

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The easiest way to rank yourself amongst the rebels of the world is by experimenting with new piercings! You don’t have to risk it all with eyebrow studs and septum rings — keep the party localised to your ears while still having all the fun. Your ears are an empty land ready to be accessorised with as many piercings as you want. Long gone are the days where the ear lobes alone got all the attention. All you really need is the courage to step outside of your comfort zone, and research! Impulsive doesn’t mean ignorant — arm yourself with the right information. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best ear piercings. Read on and elevate your style in a blink.

1. Upper-Lobe Piercing

Upper-lobe piercings are done slightly above the standard lobe piercing. It is possible to get this one done above an existing piercing, but for those with tiny lobes, it may not be the best option. Small, delicate studs look best on upper-lobe piercings. 

2. Tragus Piercing

The tragus is the part which sits right above your ear canal. The size of the tragus piercing varies from person to person but usually there’s only room for one piercing. The painfulness of this piercing depends on the thickness and size of ones tragus. If managable, it’s one of the most elegant piercings and perfectly complements any jewellery style, especially studs and hoops.

3. Helix Piercing

The outer cartilage of the upper part of the ear is where the helix piercing goes. It’s much less painful than other piercings as there are no nerve endings in this part of the ear. Since the area is pretty spacious, double and triple helix piercings are quite common. Bead rings and studs are the usual favourites for helix piercings. 

4. Conch Piercing

A cartilage piercing in the middle section of the ear is referred to as a conch piercing. It can be done on both the inner, and outer part too. Studs are usually preferred for inner, while hoops complement the outer conch piercing more.

5. Daith Piercing

Daith piercings are positioned in the most inner part of the ears cartilage and can be quite difficult to access. Captive beads and curved barbell jewellery is ideal for piercings like these. Daith piercings have also been linked to reduced headaches and migraines.

6. Rook Piercing

The rook piercing sits right above the daith piercing. It’s one of the most painful piercings, but like they say, beauty is pain. If you’ve got the courage to go for it, it’s definitely worth it. Rook piercings look extremely classy when rocked with a hoop or barbell.

7. Snug Piercing

Located slightly above the anti-tragus is a piercing spot called the snug. You’re likely to feel a sharp pressure while getting it done because it goes through a thicker area of cartilage. Tiny hoops or studs are perfect for snug piercings because of how shallow the area is.

8. Orbital Piercing

Any piercing which involves two holes in the same part of the ear is referred to as an orbital piercing. The two holes are usually linked together with a single piece of jewellery, generally with a hoop. Orbital piercings are particularly popular in the helix or lobe.

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