3 Shades Of Lipstick Every Girl Should Own in 2019

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We can pick our personalities based on how we dress up. That’s the amazing thing about makeup and fashion — we can inhabit whatever version of ourselves the day calls for! Whether that’s pretty in pink, or a deep eggplant maroon: the kind of colour you would wear powerfully into an interview. It’s the little differences something like your lipstick shade can make. The wrong shade can throw off your whole vibe, but the right one can seal the deal! It’s about picking the right shade, and matching it with your skin tone. Remember: as much as you love the colour, it might not love you back. Having said that, here’s your quick guide to knowing which lip shade is perfect for the look you’re trying to achieve!

Dark Colours

These are also commonly known as ‘universal rishta aunty repellents.’ They can give off a rebellious, confident, and dark vibe. Blacks, maroons, purples, and so on are for the girl that means business and isn’t here to be called pretty. She’s here to assert herself. It’s not an easy colour to pull off, but it sure looks great.

Our Picks: Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour by MAC and Lipstick Shade 128 by Inglot

Bright Colours

These shades can add a pop of colour to your look, and represent the passion and confidence you innately have in you. Pinks, mauves, and reds can be playful, powerful, or feminine when coupled with the right outfit. You could wear them to family lunches, or out with a special someone. However, a key tip would be balancing these shades out with milder eye makeup.

Our Picks: Casablanca by Tom Ford and Heartache by Colour Studio

Neutral Colours

These are the easiest shades to pull off, because they are easy to play with. You can dress them up or wear them casually depending on the intensity of your eye makeup, and the appropriate attire. They’re the perfect back up for when you aren’t sure what to do, and want to play it safe. Rather than basic though, they come off as elegant.

Our Picks: Nude Creme Lipsticks by KKW Beauty and Kinda Sexy Matte Lipstick by MAC

Parting Words 

More than the lipstick shade itself, lipsticks also have a lot of beauty benefits! They keep your lips hydrated, and brands with added SPF protect your lips from sun damage too. Pick your shade and brand wisely, and you’ll never live to regret another night out.

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