7 Ways Meditation Can Curb Your Anxiety

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Anxiety doesn’t discriminate — it equalises teens and adults, girls and boys, and people from every walk of life. Anxiety usually props up in place of undealt with issues. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with what you’re studying at school, feeling unappreciated by your loved ones, or are avoiding a serious conversation with a friend, anxiety is bound to creep in like an uninvited guest. It’s defined by an undefinable feeling of panic, an increased heart rate, shortness of breath and nausea, or full blown panic attacks. It’s recommended to get treatment from a doctor to help you cope with this, but you could ease your symptoms at home. If you’re not ready to confront whatever it is that might be bothering you, meditation might be your cure. In fact, meditation has become a common technique for relieving stress. Here’s how it works!

1. Calm The Chaos 

Chaos can easily take over your life, causing your stress levels to increase, and distract you from being able to focus on anything else. With the help of meditation you can find the calmn around you. Meditate by breathing deeply to release the tension, and counting your breaths. Measured breathing helps centre you.

2. Control Your Anger 

This might be tough, but it is the most effective way to deal with anxiety. Anxiety is the reason behind your increasingly short temper, which in turn causes you to overthink your impulsive actions later. The moment you feel yourself getting angry, stay silent and breathe. Doing this will eventually relieve you of your rage, and save you from committing any misdemeanours. However, it probably won’t resolve the original reason behind your rage.

3. Keep Drama At Bay 

We all deal with some form of drama in our everyday life. Drama around you can stay with you for quite some time and doesn’t resolve itself easily. To relax your brain from such anxiety, opt for meditation. Visualize a tangible object and think of it as your anxiety, then imagine picking it up and putting it down a few times. It slowly empowers you, and takes power away from the object of your anxiety.

4. Visualise Your Path

If your anxiety is triggered by thoughts of feeling lost and directionless, silence can be very helpful. Meditation for stress and anxiety usually centres on seeking quietness, and inner peace. While meditating, envision a path through a quiet place such as a forest, a beach, or a mountain, and let your mind direct you towards peace and solitude. Practicing being noiseless will help you let go of all the unnecessary thoughts that may cross your mind. 

5. Stick To Life’s Natural Pace

When you force yourself to go against what feels natural to you, anxiety is bound to occur. So first, focus on the goals that you know are attainable. Let the rest go with the flow, as they say. While meditating, think of your deepest wishes and concentrate on them; think of your goals, envision them, and wait to see what unfolds. Do not force yourself to make them happen either — keep the pressure off. Allow your problems to fade naturally and focus on the kinder, more positive aspects of your life. 

6. Look for Simplicity

Focus on the simplicities of your life, sticking to the ‘less is more’ mantra. Fixate on all the intangible resources you possess like love, peace, and beauty. Instead of pushing yourself into the abyss of mental and physical turmoil that can often result from pressuring yourself into acquiring unnecessary material possessions. Bask in the blessings of what you have, rather than what you don’t.

7. Allow Your Body To Relax

When you’re under stress and anxiety, your body often tightens up, your breath quickens, and arteries tend to narrow up. When you meditate, your body naturally gets rid of these strains. If you find trouble relaxing your muscles, first try to clench them tightly while breathing simultaneously, then the release tension by breathing out.

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