7 Ways To Live A More Eco-Friendly Life

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Global warming and the environment aren’t just topics that are discussed by official bodies like the UN — it’s an issue we’re all a part of, and need to consciously talk about. The mass extinction of animals is at a higher number than every before. The extreme weather conditions are affecting animals and their habitat, causing massive shifts in our lives. The US and Europe are currently experiencing record breaking temperatures for winter, and similarly, the heat in Australia has killed entire rivers full of fish. Climate change is real, and we need to do our part to make a change. Fortunately, with campaigns such as save earth, go green, and sustainable future, there are more people becoming aware of their role in the fate of the world. A single person may not be able to put an end to the environmental issues of the world, we can all play our part.

1. Cut Down On Meat

The average Pakistanis diet contains meat in one meal a day, seven times a week, minimum. What’s hard to digest is how our love for meat might be contributing to climate change. Reducing your meat consumption, especially beef and lamb    the two meats most responsible for carbon emission — can have a huge impact on sustainability. You don’t have to give up meat altogether, but eat less overall. Focus more on veggies, and lentils. Daal Chaawal is also a great alternative and it’s not just us saying this, a report published by AFP has claimed that this eco-friendly dish could maybe save the world.

2. Replace Plastic Shoppers

From harming wildlife, to clogging our sewage systems and polluting the ocean — plastic bags are poison for the environment. Still, many of us use and discard them on the regular in our daily lives, unintentionally playing a part in polluting the environment. However, luckily, better alternatives such as canvas or cloth bags are now easily available at grocery stores and are being widely used. They cost nothing, and are reusable. 

3. Control Your Shopping Addiction

Simple pleasures like shopping could be contributing to climate change as well. Ever wondered how your favourite brand produces its clothes? The chemicals used in dyeing shirts, and the chemicals involved in producing and packaging your makeup palettes all contribute to a lasting carbon footprint. Buy what you need, not what you want — it’ll save you money, and the environment too. 

4. Save Energy

A small price to pay to keep the earth green. We’re not asking you to stop using all your electric gadgets, but to just be a little more conscious of how much you use them. Don’t leave the TV and lights on in an empty room, or the air conditioner running longer than necessary. You can also replace your regular bulbs with CFL ones, which consume less electricity and also last longer.

5. Be Wise With Water

Water shortage is a huge issue worldwide — in Pakistan especially, the shortage is increasing at an alarming rate. By 2025, the country is likely to run out of 31 million acre-feet (MAF) of water. It’s unimaginable. But, if we all play our part, it is possible to overcome a shortage like this. Simple acts like turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, taking quicker showers, or installing a low-flow shower head can all conserve water and help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

6. Donate Leftovers 

Approximately 36 million tonnes of food is wasted in Pakistan every year. and that amounts to 40% of the food wasted globally. Food wastage in a developing country like ours is more than a moral issue, it also adds to the CO2 filled our landfills. To do your bit, you can freeze food and save it for later, or even better, donate to NGOs like the Robin Hood Army that collect leftover food, and distribute it to the less fortunate. 

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