How To Ace The Breakup Makeover

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Regardless of who made the final decision – breakups are the worst. Think long nights staying up in bed, watching romcoms, and eating your feelings away. Unfortunately, the only real remedy for heartbreak is time. But we’re here to give you the tough love you need to feel better even faster. Taking the time to heal doesn’t mean sitting around all day, moping. There are over a thousand ways you can prioritise yourself! Let’s start with our favourite kind of therapy: a makeover. It won’t solve your heartbreak completely, but it will make you feel like a new person, with more distance from the one you were during your relationship. Makeovers can give you a new look and a new perspective – it’s time to book your next shopping spree!

Try Something New

Make a change that your significant other would never have liked. This is a simple way to remind yourself you are better off single, than in a relationship with someone who confines your spirit. It’s as easy as wearing high heels, or painting your nails red, even if he thought the colour was too loud.

Break Your Beauty Rut

A breakup makeover doesn’t mean you have to reinvent your entire look. Start small: do something adventurous with your makeup! Wearing makeup that varies from your everyday look can help you feel like a new, more daring person.

Treat Yourself

Splurge on that Sana Safinaz outfit you’ve been wanting to buy, or a piece of jewellery that’s to die for. Buy whatever you think is special! It’ll serve as a reminder of your independence.

Make The Cut

A new hair colour or hairstyle can definitely help you with moving forward! What better way is there to feel like a whole new woman than by undergoing a dramatic hair transformation? Just be sure you’re ready to handle the cut you’re going for -you don’t want to regret the decision later. Think it over, and once you’re sure, book appointment ASAP.

Maintenance Is Key

Women tend to get comfortable when they’re in a relationship, and start forgetting to do the little things that make us feel prettier. Take out the time to make hair appointments, eyebrow appointments, facials, and massages. It’s all about taking care of yourself, for yourself.

Sweat It Out

A breakup is like a detox for the soul! You’ve got to purge all the toxins and negativity from your life. Hit the gym or a sauna. Sweat helps release the stored up toxins in your body, so you can feel fresher, healthier, and ready to take on anything.

Get Pampered

Book a spa treatment or get a mani-pedi! Do whatever makes you feel special and taken care of. It’s a simple way to reconnect with yourself, get centered, and remind yourself of just how special you are.

Spring Clean Your Closet

Cut through the clutter of clothes you’ve collected, and say bye to everything unnecessary in your life. The last thing you want to feel post-breakup is burdened down! Free yourself up, and let go of everything you don’t wear anymore. Give them a new life in someone else’s wardrobe!

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