7 Things Every Pakistani Does While Travelling

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Every winter and summer Pakistani families migrate like birds to foreign lands and take some time off. It’s a much needed break from the chaotic cities we call home — except for the fact that we tend to bring the craziness along with us! What can we say, old habits die hard. You’re definitely the quintessential Pakistani tourist if you relate to any of the things on this list!

1. Bringing Two Heavy Suitcases For A Weekend Trip

Travelling light isn’t in a Pakistanis dictionary — we’ve always got to be prepared. Packing everything from blow driers to emergency snacks, a Pakistanis suitcase will be stocked with everything you need, but more importantly, things you’ll probably never actually use. Call it abandonment issues, but we’re afraid to leave anything behind, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

2. Making Sure Everyone Knows You’re Travelling

If you travel business class but forget to tell people, did it even happen? Pakistanis become amateur documentary filmmakers when they arrive at the airport. From the first #enroute status update, to the check ins, and finally the snapchat stories of the plane taking off. It’s all carefully shared with everyone we know. 

3. Going Wild At Duty Free

Trust a Pakistani to get this excited about being allowed to forego taxes! Whether it’s chocolate or designer goods, the aisles are guaranteed to be stuffed with entire Pakistani families hoarding up on goods before making their final descent.

4. Overanalysing Other Pakistani Families 

Whether it’s spotting another family eating out, or shopping at the same store as you, there’s a strange instant interest Pakistanis have with each other abroad. Moreover, it’s with discussing their antics to death. But that’s fine, the other Pakistani families are probably returning the favour in kind.

5. Only Socialising With Other Pakistanis

It’s as if the world starts and ends in the subcontinent, even outside of Pakistan. Going abroad is about broadening your horizons by meeting new people, and experiencing a new culture.. for everyone but Pakistanis. We prefer hanging out solely with our own kind. We’re not sure if it’s because of the familiarity, or lack of exposure, but it’s just one of those things that don’t seem likely to change.

6. Put On An Accent 

Despite decades of growing up in Pakistan and learning English from Pakistani teachers, all it takes is for one vacation abroad for a Pakistani to sprout an accent. It’ll be the most deep, authentic accent you’ll ever hear. Until they drop it unsuspectingly, and then you’ll know.

7. Culture Shock From 10 Day Holiday 

After coming back, every conversation with them will begin with “But in America…” They won’t stop talking about how they miss Starbucks, or how clean the streets were, or how accommodating the people are. We get it! You went abroad!

Bonus: If They’ve Visited A Place More Than Twice

Aray it was barely a holiday, _______ is like home!”

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