Ayeza Khan’s Instagram: A Relationship Guideline

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Ayeza Khans’ critically and commercially acclaimed acting brought hoards of fans flying in, but it’s her social media presence that keeps them hooked. She’s the rare celebrity that lets down the veil of celebrity and lets them in. The act0r has ticked all the boxes in her personal and professional life, and there’s a lot to learn from this icon. There’s so much to admire and aspire to — her adorable, close-knit family is one. Her unabashedly loving relationship with her husband, Danish Taimoor, is another one. Ayeza documents and posts pictures with her husband that exude a sense of safety, acceptance, and love. We could all take a few notes from this power couple.  You don’t have to go far to get the right relationship advice — just scroll through Ayeza’s Instagram! As the star celebrates her birthday, let’s take a moment to appreciate Ayeza’s marriage, and examine what makes it work so well. 

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1. Twinning Is Winning

‘Opposites attract’ is an old saying, but it’s a myth. It’s important to have similar interests as your significant other — maybe not all of them, but some key ones at least. It makes everything easier. You can spend time doing the things you love together, and talk passionately about your interests. It takes some of the work out of a relationship — and we all know every relationship, even the best ones, always require a little bit of work. In this case, you can obviously tell Ayeza and Danish both love fashion and dressing up! 

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2. The Little Things Count The Most

Whether it’s special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or family dinners around the table – this couple makes it a point to see every moment spent together as an opportunity to celebrate. We’re not talking grand events, but celebrating in the little ways that matter. Being there for one another, and encouraging each other in any situation. For any relationship to work, you’ve got to take stock of the little moments — life is made up of them.

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3. Make New Memories Together

The couple that travels together stays together – a saying Ayeza and Danish swear by. Being able to explore a new country and its culture together adds texture to any relationship. By sharing these experiences, you’re bonding over something entirely new. These are memories that you created together and share! The fact that these two take time out of their busy schedules to travel the world side by side is also an example of them devoting time to each other — not to their jobs, obligations and responsibilities, but solely to enjoying each others company. Next time your man makes a silly excuse for not taking you out, don’t argue: just point them towards Ayeza’s Instagram.

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4. Family Before Everything

Despite being two immensely successful individuals with hectic schedules, Ayeza and Danish never compromise on family time. From hosting grand birthday celebrations for their kids to spending time with their parents, they always prioritise their families. The gorgeous stars love their kids, and it’s evident from Ayeza’s posts.

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5. Celebrate Each Other

Ayeza’s beauty and talent have captured hearts across Pakistan, while her husband Danish took over the industry with his charm. Together, they’re the ultimate power couple. It’s no secret that they’re both at the top of their games, but instead of getting caught up with their own careers and successes, they celebrate each other’s achievements. From promoting his projects to being proud in the loudest way about his project’s success, she supports her husband in every possible way.

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6. A Little PDA Never Hurt Anyone

What’s a celebrity couple without some PDA? For that matter, what’s any couple without a little PDA? Ayeza and Danish never shy away from expressing their love for each other in front of the world. The secret to a long lasting relationship is embracing intimacy, and keeping the spark alive!

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Happy birthday Ayeza!

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