How To Fake Glowing Skin When You’ve Only Had 5 Hours Of Sleep

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Mark this under important, for days when the only way to get things done is to bargain on your beauty sleep, but you need more than just a pretty outfit to look your best at that cool event coming up.

Eat Right

Essentially, glowing skin comes from healthy skin, so as delicious as those fried samosas and Nutella parathas are, they’re not going to get you anywhere near the vicinity of fresh, healthy-looking skin. What your skin needs are antioxidants and vitamin C, so let go of those French fries and load up on foods like such as papaya, oranges, berries, spinach and beets. You can also add fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon to your diet and watch your skin transform.

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Try Simple Facials At Home

The easiest, most cost-effective, and natural facials are the ones you can make at home using ingredients in your kitchen. Use oatmeal and milk for dry skin, oatmeal and water for oily skin, or make an egg white and honey mask to tighten your skin. We’ve all heard about the miraculous effects of multani mitti but be sure to try it in cooler months, as this mixture tends to be slightly heavy.

Don’t Skip The Gym

The post-gym glow is real! Scientifically speaking, when you sweat, toxins inside your body are released resulting in your skin looking clearer and fresh. Additionally, exercise brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin, imparting that healthy glow. Just make sure you aren’t wearing any makeup to the gym – this can have the opposite reaction.

Ice Is Your Friend

First, let’s all agree that Katrina Kaif has the most gorgeous skin ever. So why not steal her biggest beauty secret. The Bollywood beauty swears by dunking her face into a bowl of ice for a quick skin refresh. Just fill a bowl with ice-cold water, add ice cubes and dunk your face in for 10 seconds. Do it again two or three times before you head out!

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise (at least)

With numerous beauty products hitting the market as we speak, it’s time to get smart about your skincare regime. If you use basic products that meet your skin requirements, you don’t need to buy every serum that hits the counter. Find a mild face wash that suits your skin and a moisturiser that contains retinol, vitamin C and/or licorice extracts. It is best to use a water-based moisturiser in the morning and cream-based moisturiser at night. You can also add face oils to your moisturiser for a more luminous glow.

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The key to really liven up your skin is to exfoliate. Your exfoliator is what will get rid of all the dead skin on your face. Don’t overdo it though. You should never look red or irritated – you should look better after your scrub.

Before You Sleep

If you know you’re going to get a less-than-ideal amount of sleep, then use tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes before you retire for the night. You can also use an overnight cream-based mask or a sheet mask comprising Vitamin E.

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A Little Help

A little help never killed nobody! So if you’re looking for some assistance to achieve that glowing face, then try using a liquid highlighter. You can simply add a few drops to your regular foundation – you will look alive in no time.

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