26 Lessons Learnt In 26 Years

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Writing has always helped me understand life better. Every time an emotion is triggered or evoked, I scribble it down to freeze it as a memory, and as a reminder of a lesson learned for future reference. If I have understood anything about life during these 26 years, it’s been in bits and pieces, through my own struggles. We tend to forget that we’re all in this (i.e, life) together. Whether it’s dealing with trauma, family, lost friends, love, or even questions about spirituality. We should never hesitate to share our battles, struggles, sorrows, or the answers we’ve found  with those around us. We’ve got to combat life together.

On my 26th Birthday, this is my gift to all those people who may still be wandering, in search of some answers and guidance.

1. You are growing. Blossoming each day at a time from a bud to great beauty. Let your sunshine come through; keep those close who contribute positively to your struggles, achievements and joy. Those who hinder in your growth; turn away from them to prevent untimely wilting.

2. The key to opening the door which leads to God is being able to let go: even when it’s something you love. If it was hindering you from your path towards Him, it wasn’t meant to be. Once that is done, no person, thing, or desire can ever come between the relationship you have built with your Creator. 

3. Love yourself enough to holler, “next!” whenever necessary. Move forward and onwards when anything clashes with your vibe — protect your energy.

4. Let people make their claims, and then observe whether or not they actually validate their words with actions. It’ll unveil their true character. 

5. Once you walk away from your past, never look back! You’ll only trip over, and get hurt all over again.

6. The courage you seek is rooted within you; halt, turn back, and see all the battles you have conquered along the way.

7. It is far better to end a bad relationship than to allow it to take the form of a bad marriage. Divorce is more damaging than a breakup. Follow your gut feeling, and do not settle for what doesn’t feel right.

8. If Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter didn’t let anyone push him around, neither should you!

9. Never let your pride provoke destiny to look down upon you, for fate can turn a pauper into a Princess, and a Princess into a pauper.

10. Reality check: humanize yourself. You aren’t a worthy enough authority to judge anyone.

11. Never be hard on yourself about certain events having occurred in your life. No matter how careful you would have been, they would have occurred regardless. Those events were the ones which were leading you to where you were meant to be.

12. The instant you think you’re not ‘pretty’ enough, is the moment when you have compromised your intellect, ferocity and personality to wholly be validated by your looks.

13. Any obstacle in life can be battled by the right amount of spirituality, positive energy and chocolate!

14. Practice tolerance.. but never for disrespect.

15. When someone comes to you with their problems, don’t reply to them with your troubles. Instead, listen to them. Be the light they came seeking out.

16. Love. Love as if your heart was never broken before. But never let it make the same mistakes it’s already made in the past.

17. There are too many monsters veiled behind attractive faces to be impressed by them; pleasant appearances do not equate to a good soul.

18. Never dim yourself down just because your glow is ‘too much’ for someone to handle. 

19. Everybody has a back story of hurt, struggles and trauma; just because you’re seeing the brightest days of their lives, doesn’t mean there weren’t days of darkness which have been conquered. 

20. No matter who came and left; nobody can take away a part of you. All that love is still within you.You are whole.

21. You cannot save everyone. As much as you want to protect the ones you love, you cannot keep them from making mistakes which are harmful to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being at some point or another. Be a compassionate soul. Have an empathetic heart. Offer a wise thought, a kind word. Do your bit, and then let it be. You cannot save everyone.

22. No one in this world has the power to say ‘no’ to you. File your worries away to the ‘higher administration’ and watch how prayers, persistence and patience can change that ‘no’ into a miraculous ‘yes.’

23. The truth is, everyone will hurt you; either intentionally or unintentionally. The ones who own up, make up, and never do it again, are the ones to keep.

24. If your battle scars intimidate anyone, let them be. Focus only on those who are just as proud as you are for taking on the world against all odds. 

25. The day you learn that another persons blessings are solely destined for them and not you, is when you’ll stop feeling bad about what they have, and cherish the blessings which are destined for you.

26. Your world will crack, crumble and collapse; but that only means you’re about to rise from the dust, already prepared to shine.

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