A Travel Pros Guide To The Top 3 Holiday Spots For This Winter

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As a wise fictional character once said: winter is coming. Naturally, that means winter days off — exams are ending, work is wrapping up, and the holidays are here. For some people the perfect winter break is staying in and enjoying the privilege of having an empty schedule. For other people, the best part about time off is being able to travel and leave the monotony of your day to day. Trying to figure out where to go? Maliha Abidi of heradventureswithhim is enviously well travelled — here are her top picks!

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Venice, Italy

Picture this: gorgeous bridges everywhere like the famed Rialto bridge, and you sighing as you watch an Italian sunset from the perfect vantage point. You’ll find walking and catching boats are the main form of transportation — even ambulances function as boats! — But hopefully you won’t have any need for those on vacation. Rich in history and gorgeous in architecture, The Serene (Venice’s  nickname) is the ideal spot for winter. During my second visit to Venice, I woke up at 5am to see the sun rise over the grand canal and the empty alleyways, and it was as if I had the whole city to myself. I really felt an incredible connection to the city. Winter is a quieter time to visit this bustling tourist city, and the hotels are cheaper during these months. You wont find any crazy lines at St Marks square, which alone should be enough for you to book your vacation now!

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Tip: A 40-minute ferry ride away is the colourful island of Burano! A leisurely walk in Burano is like finding yourself in a far away fantasy land. It’s just that colourful.

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London, England 

Christmas Markets, ice skating rinks, and twinkling winter lights everywhere: if you’ll excuse the pun, London makes a lit choice for winter break. London is one of those cities that has something for anyone and everyone. It is one of the easiest cities to get around with underground stations all around, but you won’t regret walking through central either. Sure, it’s cold, but the chill suits London in a way you’ll only understand once you’ve visited it during the winter months. London is a popular city though, so if you aren’t too fond of crowds, skip a trip during the Christmas season and visit in January instead. Either way, London is an unforgettable experience. 

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This island in the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect tropical escape to warm you up this winter. Malta consists of clear blue waters — some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean; perfect for swimmers, snorkelers and divers. Its 7000 years of history is the most unique draw though. The density of historic sites is greater than any other country. Centrally located accommodation can be as low as £40 a night, and even better is the delicious but budget friendly Mediterranean cuisine. Malta is one of my favourites for being a super affordable island. 

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