9 Things Every Woman Should Always Have In Her Handbag

Our handbags are like mini survival kits, filled with go-to items and staples. Keys, your wallet, and basic makeup products like lipsticks for touch ups are essentials we keep in our hand bag. However, there are other things which are equally essential, but hardly make it to into our bags! For all you boss ladies who are always out and about, it’s important to be prepared for any and every stressful situation, with the necessary goods at your finger tips! Scroll down to uncover all the missing things you didn’t know you need have with you at all times.

1. Hand Sanitizer

There’s no compromising on hygiene. You hardly ever realise that you’re always in contact with germs. Be it doorknobs, phone screens or hundred rupee notes – germs are lurking on almost every thing. Washing your hands isn’t always possible, or convenient, but an inexpensive, exotically scented sanitizer does the trick when a wash basin is out of reach. Carry one with vitamin E or a moisturizing agent in it to keep your hands from drying out as well, and you’re good to go!

2. Breath Mints

Nothing is a bigger turn off than bad breath. We all brush our teeth before leaving the house, but normal things like a big lunch can ruin anyones fresh breath. Breath fresheners are the perfect investment when making first impressions, or just keeping yourself in check throughout the day. Make sure to never step out without mints in your bag.

3. Safety Pins

Can we all just take out a moment to appreciate how underrated safety pins are? They’re actual life savers! Whether you’ve popped a button or broken a zipper, safety pins are the answer. Always carry a bunch of safety pins with you to avoid any embarrassing situations! You’ll thank yourself later. 

4. Band-Aid

Painful heels causing you blisters? Chipped nails? For its multiple uses, band aids shouldn’t just be in your first-aid box, but in your handbag as well — because staying prepared for the worst is never a bad idea.

5. A Spare Sanitary Product

Getting periods and not having a pad or tampon is our worst nightmare. You should always have a spare pad or tampon with you, in case the uninvited guest decides to surprise you a little early or late. You might even end up helping a sister in distress by lending her one!

6. Blotting Papers

These absorbent little sheets are a must have for when you’re out and about on a humid day. These sheets are perfect for the days when you’ve got no time to touch up your makeup. Use them to lightly dab at any oily regions, and easily throw them away. 

7. Extra Hair Ties

Women can find anything in the world, except for a lost hair tie. Once you lose a hair tie, you will never get it back. This is as true as the sun rising in the east: an indisputable fact. It is always better to keep some extra hair ties in your bag for whenever you need one. They’ll lie at the bottom of your bag like unfound treasure to be retrieved at just the right moment!

8. Snacks

Being hangry is a certified medical condition at this point. Getting stuck in traffic for hours, or lost doing errands is ten times worse when you’re starving. Always keep small snacks with you so that when hunger strikes, you’re all ready to face it.

9. Tissues

Last but not the least – tissues should be a staple in everyone’s bag. Whether you catch a cold, spill a drink, or eat something oily – tissues have your back in multiple scenarios. 

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