8 Stunning Honeymoon Locations For Every Season

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Picking where to go for your honeymoon can be a dauntin task! It needs to be perfect, but it’s hard to strike the right balance. Some couples love exploring, and travelling on foot, while others want to lie down on the beach and soak up the sun. Your honeymoon is your opportunity to completely unwind after all the chaos of a wedding, before heading back into every day life as a married couple. Here are some locations that are perfect for whichever time of year you happen to be getting married. Scroll down for some inspiration!

For Summer Weddings

Turn up the heat in these tropical locales

Sri Lanka

The flight to Bali is crazy long for us Pakistanis — if you want the same experience with half the hassle, try Sri Lanka! The country is famed for it’s natural greenery. Take up a trip to a tea farm or rice field and get a taste of the local culture too!

The North of Pakistan

The North features some of the most untouched areas on earth! They’re completely preserved and incredibly scenic, perfect for getting away from the loud hustle and bustle of city life. This is the perfect destination for the couple that wants to unplug and breathe in some fresh air, without any outside disturbance. You can still experience snowfall and campfires, with plenty of warm cups of chai to keep you company!

For Winter Weddings

Venture into these romantic wonderlands


Pakistanis can be desperate for the winter sometimes, and the last thing some of us want to do is go from one hot country to another equally hot one. Does anything sound better than seeing snowfall covering everything? Book a trip to the Alps and get cozy next to a roaring fire, drinking delicious hot cocoa night after night.


Bali is the perfect off the beaten path destination for new couples. It’s overflowing with new resorts that cater to every type of person — if you want serenity and peace, or loud music by the beach, there are plenty of options to choose from. It’s a stunning location with a lot of history. You can spend your days exploring the local culture, or lying poolside watching the sun set above you in beautiful cotton candy skies

For Autumn Weddings

All about new beginnings


Eastern Europe is the portion of Europe which doesn’t get as much attention as its neighbors. It’s just as rich in history, architecture, and cuisine though. It’s also more pocket friendly because of this neglect — but it’s picking up heat on all major trending lists, so you’re going to want to book this trip before prices start to sky rocket! Get the perfect European experience on a discount, and discover Baku with your spouse.


In Turkey you’ll find hospitality in spades. They love Pakistanis, and you’ll be welcomed warmly wherever you go. It’s got the perfect mixture of Western and Eastern influences, which you won’t find in many other places. Touch down in Istanbul and hit the grand bazaar for cheap shopping, then head to Cappadocia for a romantic few days in a cave hotel room. If you’re more about the sun and sand, then head to Antalya, Izmir, or Pamukkale! This trip can be tailored perfectly to every couples interests!

For Spring Weddings

Can you smell the love in the air?


Amsterdam is known for its flowers — especially Tulips. The city will stun your sights when it’s in full bloom, with big blooming petals lining the canals and old streets. Imagine the romantic strolls you can take around every corner, or if you get tired, a boat ride through the city wide canals. The springtime weather in Amsterdam is ideal — chilly but still sunny!


This popular destination can get quite humid in the summer months, which isn’t all too different from how we feel in certain cities in Pakistan all year round. Thailand in the spring is just heating up for summer, but not quite completely rid of the coolness that settles in during winter. Perfect! Enjoy this tropical honeymoon with fresh coconut water in your hands, and bright flowers in your hair. Head to the beach, get a couples massage, or eat authentic Pad Thai! There’s plenty to do in this beautiful location.

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