How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like A Pro

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We buy the most expensive makeup brush sets; each brush for a specific handcrafted purpose, and we use them daily for the perfect application.  But how often do we wash them? 


Sure, washing brushes don’t sound like the most fun task but leaving them unclean for days while they build up bacteria, dirt, oil and other pollutants, and then applying that to your face? That’s not fun either. All of this can cause several skin issues. Brushes need to be cleaned every week, and soaking them with water isn’t enough. Scroll down to see how you can keep your fine bristled investments clean, and make them last longer.

1. Soak Them In Lukewarm Water 

The first step is to soak the brushes in lukewarm water, making sure the bristles are wet properly. While doing this, make sure the brush is facing downwards.

2. Cleanse Using A Cleaning Product

Once the brushes have completely soaked, grab a makeup brush cleanser, or any non-alcoholic cleaning product and gently wash them. Wear a brush cleaning glove (yes, they exist!) and swirl the brush on it for a deep clean.

3. Rinse And Squeeze Out Excess Water

Again, to wash off any remaining cleaning product, rinse the brushes under warm running water. Gently squeeze out the excess water from the brush, and softly rearrange the bristles in their original shape with the help of your fingers. Be careful not to damage or pull out any of the bristles!

4. Let Them Dry

Once the brushes are completely clean, lay them out to dry. Just like you hang your clothes, hang the brushes upside down on a hanger so that they dry quickly.

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