This Inspiring Poem Sums Up Empowerment Perfectly

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A poem from one of our readers on what it truly means to be an empowered human being.

They have hearts too, stop playing games to test them,

They have feelings too, do not over look them,

They have insecurities too, help them overcome them,

They cry themselves to sleep too, offer them a shoulder,

They have been hurt, abandoned, betrayed and broken too,

be sensitive towards them.

We complain about patriarchy taking over – which is sadly true for the most part – but do not punish or hate all men for the injustices done by a certain group of men. Give them the margin of being human, as we do for women.

We are all humans, after all, and share the same kinds of emotions and sensitivity.

Once we understand that if we stand side by side, instead of stomping over each other and trying to empower each other, the world will evolve into a much more progressive place.

Be kind to men.

Be kind to women.

Be kind to HUMANS.

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