10 Fashion Lessons We Learnt From Feeha Jamshed

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Every girl loves talking fashion – and while everyone’s style should be unique and personal, there are a few things that may leave you puzzled. We had the uber-talented Feeha Jamshed at Mashion HQ this week, and we got her to answer all your burning style questions. In case you missed her session – here’s all we learnt from the expert!

The Connection Of Sari With Height

Saris are arguably the most elegant Eastern silhouettes. However, it is usually considered to be unflattering on a shorter woman. Feeha disagrees. She believes a sari can flatter any height and recommends shorter women to wear it with heels. The other few tips that’ll help you carry the sari off even better are to opt for lighter fabrics, avoid wearing broad borders and steering clear of bigger prints.

Everything Trending Is Not To Be Tried

Trends come and go – but being fashionable is more about personal style and less about following trends. Everything that is ‘in-fashion’ is not necessarily going to look good on everyone. When you dress, it is more important to think about your body-type, comfort level and personality. According to Feeha, the biggest fashion mistake one can make is to wear everything that’s trending. As a rule, always think before trying out a new trend!

Mom’s Closet = Best Shop

Trends always come back and fashion over the last few years is proof of that. Especially when it comes to eastern fashion – they just don’t make them like that anymore. Feeha is a fan of everything vintage too! Her recommendation: Instead of splurging on a brand new outfit this wedding season, dig into your mother’s closet – that’s where you’ll find all the best stuff. Let the picture below convince you. Feeha is wearing her mother’s 40-year-old shalwar kameez.

The Wardrobe Essentials

Your wardrobe staples are the real heroes of any closet. It may sound cliché, but it really is true. According to Feeha, the pieces that should be in every girl’s wardrobe are – white and black kurta both for casual and formal, white and black eastern pants or shalwar, white and black t-shirt both formal and casual, and a pair of jeans in any cut. So if you were planning on chucking any of these out – think again!

The Fool Proof Work Look

Dressing appropriately for work is very important – it may affect your success too a certain degree too. But today, when casual wear is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, it can be tricky to understand the rules of appearance. You want to look good, but you also want to be taken seriously. Feeha recommends, “For Eastern wear, go with a more tapered look. Also, incorporate more solid colours and fewer prints.” Oh and in case you’re wondering what else you shouldn’t wear, find out here.

The Staple Wedding Hues

With wedding season in full swing, how can we not talk about festive clothes? Picking the right colours can drive anyone crazy, but having a few staples you love is never a bad idea. Feeha considers gold, silver and black wedding wear staples. “But I have been feeling all shades of a yellow and the softer hues of pink lately,” she adds.

Let One Accessory Do The Magic

Accessories can make or break your outfit. But when it comes to jewellery – less is more is the rule to follow. Even a well-put-together look can seem tacky if you overdo your accessories. Feeha suggests keeping it chic by focusing on just one accessory. You can opt for one striking piece such as a statement necklace or huge earrings and keep the rest of your look minimal. “Pick one accessory to make the focal point of your outfit,” she says.

The Trick To Style Curves

It’s almost 2019 and the only rule curvy girls should be following is – wear everything with confidence! Really, we mean it, you can wear anything and everything, but you do need to feel comfortable in your clothes. If you’re comfortable wearing fitted clothes then go right ahead and flaunt your curves, but if you are conscious, wear something that accentuates your waist and flows down, Feeha recommends. In addition to your comfort level, you should also know your proportions and focus on your stats

Style Advice For Skinny Girls

As hard as curvy girls find styling themselves, more often than not skinny girls find themselves in the same boat. If you’re on the thinner side of the spectrum, Feeha suggests working out regularly to gain muscle.

“Wear your clothes – don’t let clothes wear you!” she adds.

A Must-Have For Aspiring Designers

Gone are the days when fashion designing was just a hobby, it is now one of the most profitable professions. Various courses and degrees in the field of fashion designing are offered in institutes worldwide, including Pakistan. However, a degree may not be your only ticket into the world of designing – in fact, what counts is talent. According to Feeha, “you can become a designer without a degree, but it’s always better to have one to help accentuate your designs further. But you need to have mad talent!” Feeha herself started her career in her father’s factory, as her father’s tailor’s assistant.

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