Word Of Mash: The Chapped Lips Mystery Solved

Last week on Word Of Mash, an important question was put forward: What’s the cure for cracked lips? We were determined to find a cure that would solve this problem afflicting so many women. So sit back, unwind, and scroll down for some of the best answers we got from our readers worldwide!


A combination of imagination, creativity and elbow grease is what it takes to be a DIY master. The formulas are so creative and so cheap! A good chunk of the respondents recommended the use of coconut oil mixed with other natural ingredients (e.g castor oil, almond oil etc.) It’s definitely a popular choice! Another one that came as a surprise was applying mustard oil on your belly button, it apparently works wonders (we’re going to try it out and get back to you on that one).

“Apparently, applying oil on your belly button is really good for cracked lips. Sounds strange but it is a fact. Google it” – @monaxliza93

“Butter! Real, organic, unsweetened butter is the best long tern cure for chapped lips” – @zehrakazmirizvi

“Castor oil + coconut oil = Magic <3” – @gardenofmuse

“Mix sweet soda, turmeric and warm water and dab it on your lips.. Remember me” – @stahahmed

“Use some malai before you sleep…it works my nani’s recommendation…and better take some rest” – @maitreyeechowdhary2

“Almond oil is one of the best cure for cracked lips” – @ehsankhanofficial

“Apply ghee on the lips overnight” – @zebamirza9798

“Homemade coffee lip scrub. This paste will moisten and exfoliate. Coarse coffee grounds, coconut oil and honey” @mahamn91

“Massage your lips with homemade ghee and sugar powder…it’s 100% effective” – @rivha_sm

“Lemon + honey/ milk + aloe vera/ sugar + water” – @mea_am

“Use glycerin or ark-e-gulaab twice a day” – @faraib-e-nazar

“Vitamin E applied to lips directly every night will 100% solve this problem” – @vivacious_gem

The Brand Loyalist

The Burt Bees lip balm was the most popular choice among all the responses we received, other highly recommended products were Body Shop lip butter, Maybelline baby lips, Carmex and Vaseline.

“Burt Bee’s Beeswax lip balm” – @hirarehan

“Use @beautifybyamna 24K gold serum this is amazing” – @_laiba_iftikhar_

“Vaseline is best, try this you’re absolutely gonna love it” – @omama_hm

“Uriage bariederm!!! U will bless me forever hahah” – @gauaharkhan

“EOS in any flavor but I recommend the pink striped one! The best!” – @anemhaider

“Palmer lip butter, rub off the skin after an hour!” – @glam.derm

“Farsali works like a miracle on chapped lips” – @kubrasait

“Try Carmex @riyaaaaaaa05

“Maybelline baby lips all the way!! Use every morning! @zunipash

“I would highly recommend Lucas papaw ointment” – @priyankadube1011

“Try Neutrogena. It completely cures chapped lips. Also you can apply Nivea face cream on your lips.” – @winchesteratpugnes

“BOROLINE! Age old grandma’s cosmetic but really effective and works like magic. Come next day, everything is magically cured, treated and moisturized giving a fresh baby skin which makes you wonder yest. Only things were a mess! That’s how magic cream that is” – @sanchiip

“Company called Fresh sugar lip treatment and fresh lip balms!!! Can’t recommend it enough” – @aish1339

“Conatural’s lip balm is very effective” – @dr.mariam_abid

“Body shop lip butter can cure any cracked lips…experienced and loved” – @wayward_dreamer88

The Mixologists

A tad of this, and a dash of that, and voila —smooth, delicate lips. There were many of you who believe in using a quality lip balm as well as a DIY treatment to cure chapped lips. And let’s be real – you probably need all the extra help you can get.

“When you brush your teeth in the morning, gently brush your lips with the toothbrush, it’ll take away all the dead skin out and top it off with a good lip balm.”

“2 tbsps sugar + 1 tbsp. water. Scrub the dead skin away, use lip balm later. It’s a lifesaver!” – @mehrisa_khan

“Use lemon with Vaseline” – @Umaima_s_umaima

The Maskers

A few of you also recommended masks, such as the Laneige lip sleeping mask, and Kiehl’s Butter Mask. So if masking is your thing … mask away. 

“Try the Laneige water sleeping mask, I have recommended it to a lot of my friends and they’ve all thanked me. Trust me, you won’t have cracked lips ever.” – @mishaalqasim

For A Good Laugh

Not going to lie – this is possibly the best advice of them all…

“Stop biting your lips every time so that it may work” – @amina_aslam

What topic do you want us to cover next?  Give us your feedback in the comment section!

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