10 Habits Of Highly Stylish People

Ever wondered how that girl in your class or office turns up looking so perfect every single day? Well, there are a few tried and tested ways in which you too can show up looking just as stylish. As they say, a little effort goes a long way!

They Have A Tailor On Speed Dial

Tailoring your clothes is one of the easiest styles secrets to ensure you always turn up perfectly put together at any occasion. The perfect fit for trousers or shirts are what can truly take your look from drab to fab so look for a tried and trusted tailor, and have him alter your clothes to fit you seamlessly.

They Aren’t Afraid To Buy Something Even If They Have No Place To Wear It

When you find something you truly love and that fits you like a glove, don’t be afraid to take a leap and purchase it right away. You won’t be sorry when you finally have the perfect place to wear it. Great outfits don’t always come by easily.

They Don’t Copy Exactly What They See On Influencers

Saw a look you’re dying to do on your favourite celebrities? Don’t be afraid to try it out, but don’t copy it label for label. Not all bodies are created equally, so experiment and figure out how you can wear a similar look according to your style and figure.

They Aren’t Slaves To Fashion

You don’t need to try every trend that comes out. Know your taste and your own style, and have an opinion about each trend in fashion. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but also if you really don’t like polka dots and find it unflattering – there is no reason you should be buying a polka dotted outfit.

They Plan Outfits The Night Before

Last minute outfits can go haywire, so to avoid any fashion emergencies and/or disasters, plan in advance. If you know you want to look your best at an event tomorrow, go through your wardrobe and see what you can work best.

Instinctively Doing The Half-Tuck

This is not just about the half-tuck (tucking in a little bit of your shirt into your pants) but it’s about adding details to your outfit and personalising them. The half-tuck is a hack, which happens to flatter anyone and everyone, but also find style hacks like these that you like. Folding your sleeves is another great one.

They Own Their Style

To be honest, a truly stylish person doesn’t actually care if white sneaks are out of fashion. If he or she loves how they look and feel, they will sport them with confidence regardless of whether it fits into anyone else’s fashion rulebook.

They Take Care Of Their Shoes And Bags

No matter how much they cost, it’s the small little details we add to our outfits like shoes, bags and accessories that truly put an outfit together. And let’s be real, stains and damages don’t add anything, at all, ever. So take care of your accessories, so you can keep using them in the long run.

They Always Have The Perfect Outfit For Last Minute Occasions

There should always be at least one outfit in your wardrobe that you can easily put together and fall back on for any last minute events you may have to attend. You never know what event could be happening right around the corner.

They Dedicate A Few Extra Minutes To Styling Their Hair

Hair is the one thing that makes the biggest difference. You could be styled to perfection by Olivia Palermo herself, but with messy, unkempt hair, it will always look a little less than perfect. To avoid this, spend a little extra time (even if you have to wake up earlier) to style your hair properly.

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