10 Graphic Tee’s To Help You Nail An Off-Duty Look

If we’re being honest, there is never a season where graphic tees don’t work. But they truly become a staple as the weather gets warmer. Why you may ask? Well why not! They are easy breezy and carefree – and who doesn’t want to be relaxed in this heat. If your graphic tee collection needs a little update, you’re in luck because ahead you’ll find 10 affordable options, ranging from bright to monochrome.

Amp Up The Basic

Basics are forever – it’s just so easy to style and accessorize them. Whether you pair it up with a skirt or boot-leg pants, this is the best way to look effortlessly chic. Thanks Next for making it in what is perhaps the most ideal fabric for summer – linen!

Quotable Tees

If you’re not in the mood to talk, let your t-shirt do the talking for you. The Sassy Store has us sorted with this trendy tee, stating our always-Monday-mood!

Color Block Tank

Sport an off-duty look every fashion-girl would approve of with this Mantra t-shirt. All you have to do is put it together with high-waist, tailored trouser and a high pony-tail. You’ll be the coolest person at your next salon-run.

Summer Ready

It’s officially summer, which means we’re bringing the colour back in our wardrobes! This Splash crop-top is bang on trend and the cotton material will keep you cool and collected, even on the hottest days of summer.

Pretty Please!

There is nothing better (and more eye-catching) than a bright red tee. This one from Breakout will make you feel like a total rockstar. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, trust us there’s no better way to do it!

Peace Out

Give The Warehouse’s playful tee the office treatment by pairing it with a polished pair of trousers. Add a point of nude peep-toe sandals or neutral clogs – and you’re all set! Walk out of work like this, and you’ll be turning heads for more than one reason.

Unity & Faith

HeF Clothing tee’s are just so great! They celebrate who we all are individually and also who we are as Pakistan’s. Bring on the patriotism and sport this tee on your next holiday, proving to the world that you’re a proud (and peaceful) Pakistani.

Who Let The Cats Out?

Know a cat love? Share this link with them because we’ve found them the perfect tee from BTW! It’s super cute, very comfortable and animal friendly too. A t-shirt we believe should be in every cat lover’s closet.

Butter Please

It’s hard to believe, but tees are an essential that fashion girls don’t think about, buy, or wear much anymore. But a trendy, slim-fit graphic t-shirt like this one can be styled in numerous different ways. Whether you prefer tucking it into your jeans,  skirts or shalwars!

3 A.M

Elevate your casual, relaxed summer night look by opting for a tee in a brighter colour like this baby pink t-shirt from Outfitters. Oh-so-chic and yet so comfy! We’d call this a win-win.

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