10 Cool Pieces From 10 Brands You May Not Have Heard Of

We’ve always been huge proponents of supporting small businesses and that’s more important now than it’s ever been. There are a variety of businesses in Pakistan doing unique, innovative and creative things! That’s why we decided to put together a list of 10 cool pieces for 10 different local brands that you might not have heard of.

1. Ceramic Pots from Raja Pot Works

We’re obsessing over Raja Pot Works‘ virtual ceramic gallery. Their hand-crafted wheel-thrown ceramic pots and plates are quite unique and make for some interesting decor. The ‘Fugu’ piece and its radiant emerald glaze has especially caught our eye! You wouldn’t want to miss this incredible buy!

2. Musical Bookmark from Scrappydo

This small business swiftly made its way on our radar with its unique approach to creating beautiful pieces of art. Scrappydo by Myra creates vintage-inspired art using papers & mixed media with the concept of decomposition to create art. If you’re a book worm, make sure you check out their one-of-a-kind guitar bookmark. It’s the perfect present for any music lover out there!

3. A Meaningful Kurta from Mukhtalif

We love a simple yet striking kurta, like this raw silk one, but this time what caught our eye was the story behind this kurta. This kurta is designed by Sapna (born with the name Amir) at Mukhtalif, an amazing platform that collaborates with artists from underserved communities, giving them an opportunity to showcase their craft. To learn more about their – and Sapna’s – story, check out their Instagram page. It’s worth it!

4. Mini Trunk from Nirmal Sajid

We came across this quirky little art space by Nirmal Sajid where you can find one-of-a-kind designs ranging from mini suitcases, coffee tables, mini trunks and ponchos. Everything under one roof! One piece that caught our eye was this suede mini trunk with hand embroidery and embellishments with kantha stitches. It’s the perfect way to organize your jewellery while still being a part of your decor!

5. Coding Kit from Hushyar

We firmly believe that the best way to learn is by having fun! And what better way to learn than with this fun and interactive coding kit from Hushyar. Kids can learn to code while uncovering beautifully illustrated scenes and iconic characters from Frozen. After all, play-based tech education for young minds is the future and there’s no better time to get started than now!

6. Hand-Painted Jacket from Brignals

Streetwear is one of the most striking retail and fashion trends to have emerged in recent years. Lucky for us, it’s made its way into the Pakistani market as well and we’re blessed with a handful of artisans, such as Brignals, creating unique and custom-made hand painted pieces. Our top pick is their colour-blocked denim jacket infused with burnt orange hues. You’ll definitely turn heads with this statement piece!

7. Pastel Skirt from Bybmk

We’re pretty sure you’ve come across this brand while strolling on Instagram and been intrigued by their aesthetic. Bybmk is the perfect contrast between Parisian wear and street fashion! Channel your inner Blair Waldorf in our favourite pastel ribbed skirt. Pair it with a cropped wool cardigan and a statement headband to complete the look. Didn’t you hear lilac is the new black?

8. Colourful Plates from Boho Kaya

Boho Kaya has a wide range of all kinds of handmade crafts from around the world and we love it! From illustrated cushions to colourful mandala plates, they have it all. We personally love these vibrant and eye-catching Keramiko Mandala plates and are definitely getting some for Mashion HQ’s walls!

9. Wood-Wick Candle from Litt & Co.

There’s no way this list would be complete without an artisan candle. Our pick is Pakistan’s first, wood-wick scented candle company, Litt & Co. They’re hand-poured with 100% natural and non-toxic soy wax and the Mulberry scent is a tried and tested favourite. With notes of wild berries and bitter orange peels this fragrance is all you need to get in the fall feels!

10. Hand-Painted Jeans from Brancheé

One thing we are certain of – denim jeans will never go out of fashion! And to make sure your jeans really stand out, head over to Brancheé by Minahil’s page for premium hand painted and embroidered denim to suit your every style. Make sure you check out their portrait collection of denim art – it’s bound to blow your mind!

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