10 Cool Female Instagram Artists We Love

We all are spending a lot more time on our phone and consequently, instagram, during quarantine. If you’re tired of seeing the same accounts on your feed and need inspiration from somewhere new, look no further – we have made a list of art accounts that you need to follow! Instagram’s art community uses the platform to showcase their art in a meaningful and impactful way; a lot of the artists you will see below are activists in their own right. But regardless, instagram is the perfect place to admire and absorb work by emerging artists. Scroll below to find out who some of our favourites are:

1. Daft Draft

If you don’t know this account, now is the time to familiarise yourself with them. Not only do they make the most clever and punny illustrations, but their content is relevant and often, challenges the social norms. From calling out sexist views to focusing on important topics such as colourism – Daft Draft is a must follow!

2. Manal Mirza

Manal Mirza’s account deserves an instant follow because she truly transports you into her world. From the occasional portraits, to the incredible art – you’ll love exploring the world she creates.

3. Samya Arif

Samya Arif is an illustrator unlike any other. Her work was on the front cover of one of Herald’s last few issues and her illustration of Iqbal Bano was featured on google’s homepage! It makes us so happy to see our local artists and creatives be recognised for their abundance of talent.

4. Mahnoor Ahmed

Mahnoor‘s art raises questions about social and cultural issues that deserve more attention and conversation. Following her will definitely keep you more informed plus, she’s mega talented.

5. Mina Manzar

Honestly, we could spend hours scrolling through Mina’s feed. Her work is daring, bold, and speaks volumes about her talent and skill. If you don’t believe us, just check her out. We promise you’ll fall in love!

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So I have learned that black out Tuesday is now just clogging everything, even without hashtags. I was skeptical from the start but I understood why people wanted to mute. However right now is not the time to stay silent. Amplify BIPOC voices for sure but who lead you to believe they should do all the work on their own? Spread important info on their own? No, we must take the same burden. To the south Asian community: stand up with your black brothers and sisters. The only silence there should be is when you are listening closely to them. There is a link in my bio with extensive resources for the next steps. Further more I will be sharing such resources in my story from BIPOC voices. Here are some other steps you MUST take in your everyday life to create change: 1. Be brave enough to call out injustices in the form of ignorant remarks amongst friends and family. This is mainly for south Asian friends. Do not hide behind trying to keep a specific public image. Don’t you want to stand for what’s right? Don’t you want to educate your friends on the things they say that are hurtful or wrong? 2. If you go to protests, this is specifically for New Yorkers, do NOT instigate violence if you are a non black person. Your violence is not justified, you especially shouldn’t be starting it and putting everyone else at risk because you know the blame will go to them. From what I’ve seen most black voices, George Floyd’s brother, are asking to stop. 3. Donate if you can to bail out funds, help the protestors and activists getting arrested get out ESPECIALLY during quarantine. 4. VOTE. Do the research, ask the right people. VOTE not just on the level of the president but vote at the level of who will be representing your city, your town. 5. Spread useful information. If you’re going to mute yourself ONLY do it to stop posting selfies and business info. But otherwise, use your voice to spread the message. Don’t stop participating in the fight. Silence is violence. . . . . . #silenceisviolence #blackouttuesday #artistsoninstagram #illustrationartists #politicalillustration #politicalart #blm #blacklivesmatter #politicalcartoons #socialjustice #amplifymelanatedvoices

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6. Aleena Zaidi

Aleena’s feed is dotted with sketches, paintings and illustrations she’s made. If you weren’t already amazed at the talent we have in our country, Aleena is sure to leave you in awe.

7. Sana Ahmad 

Sana’s instagram is a portfolio of illustrations, animations and advertisements that she has designed. Scrolling through it, it’s evident how skilled she is and how she can manipulate digital tools to create art. A talented and innovative artist, this Instagrammer is worth keeping your eye on.

8. Haf And Haf

One of our favourites, Haf’s instagram is a testament to the talent we have in our country. Her illustrations pay tribute to religion, while still offering a social commentary. For a more interesting feed, she is definitely worth following.

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jummah mubarak 🤍

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9. Eesha

Eesha’s account features her artwork, alongside snapshots of her daily life. One can get a sense of the things that inspire her, the places she loves and the moments that are meaningful to her. You don’t just get great art on your feed – you get the whole package (which happens to include a lot of great art!)

10. Heybah Qazi 

This talented young artist doesn’t just paint on canvases, but also on wooden pieces and stones. Her art is colourful, vibrant and just the art therapy we all need right now!

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